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Selling Power Cables

PT. Kurnia Eka Nusa Jual Electric cable, is the main component both for buildings, machines and other media that requires electricity. Without a good conductor of electricity on the engine, of course not only will it hamper the engine's performance, but it will also reduce the life of the engine.

The selection of electrical cables that are not in accordance with needs, can also cause various impacts ranging from wasteful electricity costs to short circuits that lead to fire.

The types of cables are divided into several types which we sell, namely:
- Selling HIS Power Cord is generally used for electricity on a small scale such as a house or shop.
- Selling NYM Power Cables, usually used in buildings.
- Selling NYY Power Cables, these cables for outdoor or conditions that are susceptible to moisture, dryness, heat etc.
- Selling NYAF Power Cables, Made of pure copper and often used in conditions that have a twist.
- NYCY Electric Cable Selling, is a cable that is known to be resistant to all weather conditions and can be used indoors or outdoors, etc.

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