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NYM NYY Power Cord

NYM Power Cord

NYM Power Cables are used for home or building electrical installation cables and power systems. NYM Power Cables with more than 1 core, have a PVC insulation layer (usually white or gray), some have 2-5 core with a cross-sectional area of up to 35 mm (usually only in those with 5 cores). NYM Power Cables have a two-layer insulation layer, so that the safety level is better than HIS cable (the price is more expensive than HIS). This NYM Power Cable can be used in a dry and wet environment, but should not be planted.

NYMHY Power Cables have the same specifications as NYM cables, but NYMHY power cables are more flexible so they can be used on difficult-to-reach parts

We provide the best NYM NYM and NYMHY Power Cables to suit your needs with the 3 biggest brands: KMI, SUPREME, JEMBO

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