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Consumer electricity needs are certainly not only limited to cables, but also some electrical components themselves. We also provide some consumer electricity needs such as;

1. Lug / Cable lug / Schoen / Skun cable; we provide the best lug / skun cable for you, suitable for use in aluminum and copper conductors.

2. Termination cable; we provide you termination cables from low, medium to high voltage

3. Cable jointing; We provide cable connection products, which are designed to make the installation process simpler, faster, and safer for installation

4. Cat UTP; we provide cables for your LAN network connection needs. We have the Cat 6 category to meet network needs with data transmission speeds of up to 10 Gbps with a data frequency of 250 Mhz and and support for digital data and voice communication

5. Terminals / sockets, cable duct, cable panels, conduit pipes, sock pipes, inbow / outbow boxes, etc.

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