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NYYHY Supreme Cable
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Specification of NYYHY Supreme Cable

NYYHY Supreme cable

This is and includes the cable wire building wire with fiber core. This type of cable is usually installed in electrical installations that require high flexibility. This NYYHY Supreme cable is suitable for flexible connections and control cables for heavy mechanical pressure with free movement without tensile pressure, in dry and wet locations, such as cable cables for measuring and controlling machine tools, factory installation production lines, conveyor belts, air conditioners, and rolling factory. NYYHY Supreme cables have an extension of:
N = Copper core cable
Y = PVC Insulation
Y = PVC Insulation
H = Flexible Cable (Fiber)
Y = PVC Outer Insulation

NYYHY Supreme cables are usually only for household electricity with 900 Watts of power down, if used for power household electricity of more than 900 Watts. NYYHY Supreme cables have features:
Applicable Standard: Rated Voltage: 450/750 Volt
Min bending static radius: 8 x cable diameter
Test voltage: 2500 / 5V / min
Other specifications are available on request

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