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Specification of Cable lug bimetal CALB - N

Cable lug bimetal HD

Cable skun is the name of one type of connector or cable clamp whose most common function is to connect one cable to another or to connect more than two cables.

Not only that, the cable skun can also be used to connect two other electrical devices of the same type, for example, cables to other electrical equipment or cables with other electrical components. The cable skun is made of high quality electrolytic copper with various hole sizes.

These connectors also have a tin coating that provides corrosion resistance. The following are the benefits and characteristics of using a cable skun:

1. This small item is designed to be easy to install and remove for easy maintenance or repair of electrical devices.

2. Connecting two electrical devices with a cable will make the supply and distribution of electric current smoother without obstacles.

3. Skun cable is commonly used when both devices or both cables cannot be permanently connected.

4. The cable skun is equipped with a safety cover to prevent the cable from being easily separated from the lug cable, and to avoid damage to the lug cable itself which can cause a short circuit.

5. Cable skuns can also be used to connect load switches, fuse sockets, and connect cables via high voltage or other special types of electrical connections.

Application : 

Used for transition connection of
aluminium cable or aluminium alloy cable with copper end of electrical
equipment in low voltage.

Material : Al ≥ 99,95%, Cu ≥ 99,9%

Feature : 

- Oil blocking structure

- Friction welded

- Clear markings on barrel to
indicate correct crimping location, together with Melec standard crimping die.

- Prefilled with jointing compund

Standard : ICE 61238-1:2003


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